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Uae Tour Guide

About Fujairah

Fujairah is the youngest of the Emirates, only becoming independent from Sharjah in1952.The city Life to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature .Taking photo is your hobby, and then you are the busy man in this tour. Fujairah is the jewel of Arabia covered by sandy beaches. Fujairah is home to some of the finest and charming beaches in the United Arab Emirates.

Fujairah is the only Emirates that are almost totally mountainous. All the other Emirates are largely covered by desert.

The wealth of nature and man-made treasures in its various mountains, caves and archaeological sites will show you the rich Arab heritage.


An oldest mosque in the world is the Bidya Mosque. It is also known as” OTHMAN MOSQUE”. Bidya is well-known to visitors because of its unusual and very old, twin-domed mosque, generally considered the oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates.

Fujairah Port

Fujairah’s Port is the World’s third largest bunkering centre. It is close to the Indian sub-continent with its large demand for petroleum products.



Fujairah is famous for its stunning beaches and resorts. On the Emirates' east coast is Fujairah and the life is intimately connected with the sea. Here in Fujairah, the old patterns remain the same from fishing, mending nets and tending to the old palm frond canoes called ‘sasha’. These sandy beaches make Fujairah so charming and different from Abu Dhabi or Dubai.