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Dubai is favorite haunt for the rich and famous festival. Islam is more than just a religion; it is a way of life that governs even the everyday routine. Arabic culture in poetry, dancing, songs and traditional art is encouraged and weddings and celebrations are colorful occasions of feasting and music. If one is wondering when to go to UAE then the best time to visit this charming city is during the numerous festivals and Events in Dubai. Thus the culture and heritage of Dubai is tied to its religion .

Dubai rugby seven is the most popular sporting event among the Dubai people. It attracts the fans from near and far.

One of the biggest  festival in Dubai is the National Day Festival.


Ramadan is the holy month in which Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Koran. During this time Muslims abstain from drinking and smoking from dawn to dusk. Visitors are also required to refrain from consuming these items in public during daylight hours as a sign of respect.